Rutland Ravens

In 1968 the NCAI started a public campaign to stop the use of their heritage’s imagery as mascots from everything to tobacco shops to sporting teams. In the early 90’s, the name Rutland Red Raiders, retired the word “Red” from it’s name. In the late 90’s, Rutland City Public School changed their mascot image of a Native American with a head dress, to a slightly less obvious arrow head, while maintaining the name, “Raiders.” In 2020, the name was officially changed to Rutland Ravens. It’s almost 2022. Where are our images to help us support our city schools with pride? Well, we (Matt & Jon Marro) of Two Marro’s Designs got sick of waiting. So here are some offerings. These designs are priced to minimize our profits to ZERO while maximizing the smiles in our hearts when we see them in the community. 100% of the proceeds will go towards funding the estimated $184,000 to update the mascot for good. It’s time, it’s been time for far too long, if no one else is going to, we will. Please enjoy, please share, please wear with every ounce of Rutland pride you can muster. And together we can slowly build our own “Congress Of Ravens.”

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